Wednesday, 29 June 2011

What is planking?!?!

This epidemic has occurred a few years back, but took the social networks by storm a few weeks ago, and everyone and their mother was and is doing it!

Here is one the many celebs part taking in this movement!

For some of you that might be living under a rock, planking is considered a form of a game played in various countries. Where the person lays on their stomach with their hands by their side on the ground or in a difficult/unusual place. Then someone will take the picture and upload it on to any social network, where it is then judged by the public. The more intricate place the funnier it is.

Even though some people might find "Planking" entertaining and amusing, others find it to be disrespectful and racist. Planking is something that is related to slavery, where the slaves at that time where forced to plank side by side as if they were some cargo on a ship. Also according to one of our twitter followers who recently tweeted "The police have black people "Planking" everyday, wearing handcuffs with guns pointed at their heads."-  @Leftsentthis

Although planking might seem harmless, it is still derived from something negative. So before you take part in these trends, ask yourself what's the purpose of it and where did it come from?

Sincerely, Opinionated-Girls!